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A trickster like Coyote must have plotted my course, it has been so long and twisting. This is an uncomfortable thing in America where dedication to one creative outlet is a prerequisite for career success. Yet, writing has been the one constant throughout my professional journey.

I’ve told and illustrated stories since before I could actually write. Dad put my words on paper while I drew the pictures. But it wasn’t until I needed to survive a Ph.D. (in evolutionary theory, of all things) that I tried creative writing for publication. I got the degree, abandoned science for education, and kept writing.

Since then, I’ve taught academic and creative writing to K-12 and college students, as well as to private clients. I’ve also been hired to write everything from grants to 501c applications to social media content.

My adult creative non-fiction has been published in literary journals such as CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women, and produced on radio. I’ve also had several short plays produced, the pinnacle being one done thrice off-Broadway (by Love Creek Productions).

Yet all along, I had a secret. My great, obsessive literary love is middle grade fiction. I also read picture books. And chapter books. Fiction for grown-ups just can’t hold my attention – not even the SFF that used to be my second passion. Oh, I still read creative non-fiction, and occasionally stray as far as clean YA, but that’s about it.

So maybe it makes sense that I am finally concentrating my creative writing in kidlit where my reading heart has always been.